TOP 15 Christmas Decorations You Must Have in 2023 in Thailand!🎄 🌟

Dive into a world of unique decorations handmade to perfection. As Christmas approaches, the streets and homes of Thailand and especially Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are adorned with distinctive ornaments, setting them apart.

This year, focus on making your festivities truly special with our top 15 must-have ornaments.

In this guide, we present the most sought-after handmade decorations that promise uniqueness and charm for your 2023 celebrations. Embrace the essence of unique decoration, curated specially for Thai Christmas enthusiasts.

1. Santa Clauss - Khun Pboo'Santa

ซานตาครอส- ตกแต่งต้นคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha shop - Santa Claus - Christmas decoration

Your Christmas tree wouldn't truly be complete without a Santa Claus doll adorning it alongside other decorations. Because Santa Claus is a symbol of happiness and contentment, you can't miss out on the variety of Santa dolls available to choose from.

2. Dwarves or Elves - The Dwarves Bro'

THE DWARVES BRO' - พี่ใหญ่(ตุ๊กตาคริสต์มาสเอลฟ์)- ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus could possibly deliver so many gifts all by himself?

That's right! The special gifts that children receive on Christmas are produced and assisted by a team of elves working together in Santa Claus' workshop. These result in the creation of innovative Christmas tree ornaments that are distributed during this festive season of joy.

3. Candy Canes! Obviously!

CANDY CANE - ลูกกวาดไม้เท้า - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

Many people might know this candy as "Candy Canes" or "Candy Crooks", symbolizing the shepherd's staff. The shepherd, while still young, came to visit Baby Jesus with this staff. The typical Christmas candy has a curved end to help guide the flock of sheep to food and water safely.

4. The Snowman - Mister Jack

MISTER JACK - ตุ๊กตาหิมะ - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

The Snowman is Christmas's best companion. He is a main character of Christmas for Westerners, made from the snow scattered by children. It's a time of sharing and joy for the entire family. In Thailand, we don't have snow, so why don't we use other materials like wooden dolls instead?

5. The Christmas Bell

THE CHRISTMAS BELL - ระฆังคริสต์มาส - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

Christmas bells are the bells that ring in the start of the celebration! A tradition that has been around for centuries! They are a strong symbol of Christmas and are essential for your beautiful Christmas tree. You can choose Christmas bells made from natural components: cotton.

6. Christmas Stocking - Santa'Sock!

SANTA'SOCK - ถุงเท้าซานต้า- ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

Don't miss out on these exclusive gifts from Santa! This version of the stocking is so cute and soft, designed to be hung on the Christmas tree. Browse our selection to find the perfect design to enhance your holiday decorations.

7. The Snowflake - Coldy Flake

COLDY FLAKE - เกล็ดหิมะ - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha

Snowflakes, another sign that helps you get ready before the festive season arrives! On the Christmas tree, you'll find snowman ornaments and snowflakes decorated all around, enhancing memories of Christmases with snow sprinkling throughout the season.

8. Christmas Baubles - The Red Holly Ball

THE CHRISTMAS BALL - ลูกบอลคริสต์มาสสีแดง - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas baubles - Macrame by Nicha

Enhancing your Christmas tree decorations is effortless! With multicolored baubles that symbolize the joyful anticipation of gifts from Santa, explore a variety of hues here. Available in gold, red, and silver, they become even more striking and eye-catching when they catch the light.

9. The Mini-Christmas Wreath! 

พวงหรีดคริสต์มาส ทอง - แดง  Christmas Wreath Golden - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas Ornaments - Macrame by Nicha

The Christmas wreath is an indispensable item. If you often watch movies or the news, you'll see this item hung on entrance doors or house windows. But have you considered a version designed to adorn your Christmas tree?

Dive into our collection and discover a wreath that serves not only as a symbol inviting happiness and contentment but also adds a festive touch to your tree throughout the season.

10. Christmas Reindeers - Santa's Deers

SANTA'S DEER - กวางเรนเดียร์คริสต์มาส - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Green

Santa Claus' gift delivery would be impossible without the 9 reindeer! These beloved helpers of Santa guide his sleigh, making snowy travels no longer a challenge. Now, experience the beauty of reindeer in the form of a decorative hanging plush.

11. Christmas Hat - Santa's Hat

SANTA'S HAT RED - หมวกของซานต้า - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas Ornaments Thailand - Macrame by Nicha - Online shop

Imagine a Winter Hat perched on a snowy branch, complete with a soft pompom. This ornament captures the essence of winter's coziness, bringing comfort to your Christmas tree.

As you admire its miniature charm, remember the warmth of crackling fires and snug sweaters. Let this ornament remind you to embrace the season's simple pleasures and bask in its snug embrace.

12. Christmas Stalactite - Snow Icicle

SNOW ICICLE - หิมะแข็ง - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas Ornaments Thailand - Macrame by Nicha - Online shop

Delicate and captivating, the White Stalactite ornament evokes the mesmerizing beauty of winter.

Adorn your tree with this enchanting piece, reminiscent of icicles glistening in the sunlight. Its intricate details and pure white hue transform your tree into a winter wonderland. Let this ornament transport you to a world of elegance and serenity as you celebrate the magic of the season.

13. Christmas Lollipop - Jupa'Ju

JUPA'JU RED&GREEN- ลูกอมจูปาจุ๊ปส์คริสต์มาส - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Macrame by Nicha Christmas Ornaments made in Thailand

Add a pop of sweetness to your tree with the Lollipop ornament – a sugary treat for the eyes. Just like the candies that brighten up our taste buds, this ornament adds a burst of color and playfulness to your holiday decor.

As you hang it on a branch, let its vibrant charm remind you of the childlike joy that Christmas brings.

14. Christmas Pets - Santa's Cat

SANTA'S CAT - แมววันคริสต์มาส - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas Ornaments Thailand - Macrame by Nicha - Online shop

Among the twinkling lights and glittering ornaments, introduce a touch of whimsy with Santa's Cat ornament. This playful addition captures the mischievous spirit of feline companions, bringing smiles and laughter to your tree.

As you admire this quirky ornament, remember that the magic of Christmas often comes from the unexpected and delightful surprises.

15. Christmas Wreath with its Holly Flowers - Holly Twist

พวงหรีดคริสต์มาส เงิน - Holly Twist - Christmas Wreath Golden - ของตกแต่งคริสต์มาส - Christmas Ornaments - Macrame by Nicha

More than just a decoration, Christmas wreaths symbolize unity and hope. This new version, in a pure natural white hue adorned with Christmas holly, blends modern elegance with age-old traditions. It's a contemporary nod to the festive season's enduring spirit 🎀🌲✨

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